A few Native American Artifacts, Calavarite & Silverite (Telluride)


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Jan 25, 2021
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Here are a couple of recent finds. If anyone has any information they would like to share with me about these items please comment below. Especially regarding the native american pieces because I would like to include much information as possible when I donate them to a good charitable organization or Museum. (My first couple of samples are of Calavarite and Silverite (Both high grade Tellurides)On some Gold Quartz samples I did soak some of these in some sulphuric acid and reduced the size of the mineral to only contain quartz, gold, and i think Galena, but not for sure. I broke an edge off a piece of Calaverite so you will be able to see that there is a lot of gold on the inside!!! The Silverite is rare to me because it is the only one I have found on my land in Colorado.

the Native American pieces I recently have found I do want to take to the Ute's as well as the Hopi's and Navajo Southwest of here in Arizona and give all items to those that lived on the land before we did.

One artifact is a "Banner Stone" Allegedly, this tool was magnificent in its task of allowing a long spear that has a lopsided heavy end well over 150 feet. Apparently, when the Spanish invaded the Aztecs they were dumfounded as to how you could throw a lopsided object so far. The natives would hold their spear in in the one hand and while the heavy end would be out front, by balancing the spear with a heavy weight in the back, the center of gravity could be utilized all the way through the throw advancing the weapon much further than with nothing at all. It was sometimes made of green slate which I think this one is.

The next item is a beautiful naturally oval "Apache Tear" This Onyx, or volcanic glass with calcopyrite in it apparently refused to the tears cried by the women while watching some of the men jump to their death rather than surrender.
IMG_20211124_143938902_2 (1).jpg
IMG_20211117_204907938 (1).jpg
IMG_20211124_143938902_2 (1).jpg

The next item is made of porous volcanic materiel. It is gray in color and sets off the metal detector. Under inspection of a jeweler's loupe it looks like Palladium but am not for sure. At first glance I thought it was a fire starting tool, but after closer inspection and looking at what maybe has been covered up and closed, it could possibly be a tobacco pipe. What Do you Guys Think?

The last item is a very powerful quartz that is made up of clear quartz, smoky quartz, and has silver shiny mica at the top. You can also tell this was painted with what the natives called red ochre and was probably attached to the end of a stick of sorts for a knife.

The Last item may be made of Jade and definitely has some gold in it under magnification. It is a triangle in shape and has been sealed in the middle where a whole once was.

Enjoy the finds everyone and please don't be shy on sending me any information you may see, think of, or know, thanks!

ed red ochre. Based on its triangular design
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Jul 27, 2006
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Sorry, as fat said, they are natural stones, not artifacts

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