A legendary gold outcrop that few people know about.


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Jan 28, 2005
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Some legends are famous and well known others fly completely under the radar. Those lessor known ones are only known to a very few. And even then no one dares give too many details away.

But the following site below ironstone. laced with white quartz runs along a desert outcrop for several miles. Along sporadic dipping eroding quartz vein is full of gold weathering away over millions of years.

Here is picture of the site.


The site is very very remote.

There ones who know are are very tight lipped. And they have good reason.

To be continued....


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The people who do know visit the site secretly. Because of two reasons. Its part of an mining lease owned by a Huge multinational company that owns the mineral rights to it.

Knowing the company owning the rights. I worked for them many years ago I now they are totally ruthless in protecting their mineral rights. So no small time prospector can made a claim for the gold over the existing mining lease.

The mining company cannot mine it as it is under native title claim that has been in a on going legal battle on it for years.

To be continued.


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Here is a picture of the out crop that runs for several miles.


Here is picture of out crop from another direction.


The rock out of weather ironstone with quartz fractures runs for many miles like gigantic snake.

But those in the know knows the secret.


Those who knew will never admit what treasure yarn its believed to be connected to. It was rediscovered in the 90s. And slowly as others knew, figured it all out. Each in turn knowing no one can legally mine or actively claim the gold on the mining lease which covers an area as large as a small country. And here is the problem for the mining company. Who keeps knowledge of location as proprietary information. Cannot police the mining lease.

And those who know the land marks fit the legend are in complete reverse. Thus revealing the location.


To be continued.


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While being connected to a legend in reverse would seem odd. But it is interesting not the directions was true but in the reverse directions of the legend. There will always be contention that it is not actually connected to the legend?

And perhaps rightly so?

But for those in the know such things are some times better off just being legends.

To be continued.....


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Some are very tight lipped about revealing the exact location of this little gold bonanza. Yet the Gold nuggets keep filtering out.


It is a remote secret site for the little guys to pull one over on huge mining companies as slowly chip away along exposed veins.


Some of nuggets being sold way above their gold content for just sheer size.


Virtually hacked out the eroding quartz and ironstone.

To be continued......


Yet the gold still flows. One such prospector hacked gold out of a vein with hammer and large screw driver.


Yet try as people might to get information. no one but no one will even admit the location. Why would they?

to be continued.....


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So every year those who know? Make a quiet low profile trip, trying not to attract attention.


Hacking away until the easy gold has gone and the serious multinational miners move in and mine it.

To be continued.


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Those in the know have a silent accord leave no trace of your presence. Keep low profile. Do not linger or camp near the location.


You go in get out as quickly as came. Not a place for you tube or tick tock stars but for those Keen to keep their mouths shut.

So some times such treasure legends are better not even be acknowledged at all? Even rare and rather virtually unknown ones.

The great irony the first discoverer never made a cent. The rediscover some 90 odd years later got screwed out of his rediscovery. No one outside was listening him he was just a nobody trying to be some body. But in truth he had reversed engineered a legend in brought a very compelling case that he had discovered a lost gold load. But no one was listening as the legend was for always going to be of contention.

I call them the silent treasure legends.


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