A no go for digs but still got to detect.


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Feb 11, 2012
Detector(s) used
Minelab X- Terra 305
Nokta Makro Legend
Primary Interest:
Metal Detecting
Well nothing like the weather to put the kibosh on detecting or digging at least.
The soil here and at my permissions is a nice desert camo tan right now and that means if I were to try digging plugs they would just fall apart and the the soil would want to crumble away for the roots of the grass leaving nothing but a mess so I've decided not to do this until I can actually dig a clean plug.
The people who gave me these permissions are family friends and I just don't want to be tearing someone's lawn up.
This has not stopped me and actually been an opportunity to detect my own yard where I know there's a lot of trash signals and a couple good ones that are likely lost change from yard sales.
And I was also able to segment my audio tones and change the volume on those and frequencies to my liking so not all is lost there.
One thing I wish Nokta Makro would improve on in the firmware is the target depth as it is the manual states it is accurate with anything 1 inch in diameter but it looks like dimes pennies and so on your just left to guess how deep those are or use the strength of the audio tone.
I was also able to test the waters with EMI as there are power lines right in front of my home and I know that they throw off EMF down to about 3 1/2 foot above the ground as I've checked that with my meter.
The Legend got a bit chatty which was expected, knowing it was there I really didn't bother to try doing a frequency shift I'll likely experiment with that tomorrow though.
I may go to some wooded areas around me tomorrow that I've hit before with my X-Terra 305 and see if there was anything I missed.
All in all I have everything set where I want it and know what to change on the fly if needed so it is just matter getting on my permissions when I can do a clean job.
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