A supposed Spanish cache, in the Superstitions up Hewitt Canyon. Latter supposedly from the 1970's.


Oct 3, 2022
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I don't typically take selfies especially when in the wilderness, and especially not when alone. However, I did this time as proof of being somewhere for someone. I heard about this spot from Larry Hedrick on his YouTube channel, "Mysteries of the Superstition Mountains". Nothing at the bottom other than wood and rock, and could just be a random hole in the ground dug up behind a pathetic waterfall(some trickling even in July), but certainly interesting and has a brief history so I had to go. I am not looking for the LDM but rather the history surrounding it, but I do go out just about every weekend looking for anything I can find-if someday that happens to be the LDM hundreds have legitimately looked for, then I would be pretty stoked but I'm not making that a goal or I might go crazy. I cannot help but think this had to have been put here for a reason, why I do not know. Not even Larry Hedrick knows, nor the gentleman who showed it to him. All he said was it could have been a possible Spanish cache. Cache or not however, it is a beautiful area and definitely worth the trip...just maybe not when I went in mid July starting at noon. It is just over a mile of hiking but there are 60% grades and that goes on for ~500ft. I am a rock climber at heart, and I also work outside so I am plenty used to the heat and exposure(took nothing with me other than water, a gun, a headlamp, and a preroll(not trying to show off in fact I would suggest you travel light as well if you want to go, especially from April-October)), but anyone going whether it be unprepared, unskilled, or anyone thinking it's a nice walk up there will need access to contacting search and rescue via cell phone or emergency SAT phone, which is not a joke. The terrain required to traverse through involves some class 3(YDS) climbing, 60% grades as previously stated, predatorial animals, and a nice high of 118 degrees with minimal shaded areas along the "trail"(there is no trail and has never been, you have to make your own). Hopefully many more posts to come, whether you're interested in my adventures/findings or not is up to you, yourself, and you, but hopefully everyone can at least appreciate the beauty of the areas I go to or maybe the history. I won't be posting anything unless I find something truly interesting or actual evidence, and most will have more than just one picture, but I needed a first post so here it is. If you are interested in this specific spot, message me or go watch Larry's video for yourself and find it!


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Aug 19, 2014
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Might want to remove the rocks that are poised precariously on that slanted ledge.

They are perched in such a way that one of them is bound to take you out whilst you are descending or ascending that shady looking ladder.

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