Ace 250 - and the nickle beep

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Aug 12, 2008
Just got my new ACE 250 and went to an old park in Grey Forest, TX. - Est. 1928. Every time the detector said nickle it was an aluminum can or at least a piece of one.
I started in all metal mode then switched to coin mode. Each setting revealed the same results.
I had the sensitivity at 2 ticks from max.
Any hints on actually determining whether or not it's a nickle. I go two blisters from digging in the concrete like hard soil here in South Texas.
By the come all the videos show this luscious soft earth that you can easily cut a plug in? This rock busting is tough.

Thanks for any advice.

By the way...I did find a dime. 2005 And a fishing weight. No water for miles????? Well on my way to paying for my MD.
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Jan 17, 2008
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Hi Third Wave and welcome to Tnet

I've been hunting with the 250 for some time now and have gone through many changes in the way I hunt with it. I've been very successful with it having found gold and silver rings, siilver coins and also 19th century coins. Nickles have always been the hardest to recognize but I do find my share including a 1924 buffalo.

After many different configurations I have settled on the following set-up. I hunt in all metal mode with the sensitivity turned all the way up. I discriminate out the first notch only, to the left of the foil icon. Now I recognize that this may not be practical in all soil conditions but it suits most of what I do.

When you hit a nickle, the graphic indicator should be stable. With a pull tab the indicator will move around a bit but a nickle it wont and the sound of the beep is ever so slightly different than it is with foil and or pull tab. It will take a lot of experience for your ear to detect the subtle difference.

The reason I hunt in all metal and endure the iron tones is that I have found that hearing the other bad tones helps a great deal in dtermining what I've got when I do get a good signal. Also hunting in all metal and not masking the other tones and having the sensitivity cranked up, seems to give the machine greater depth and better identification qualities. I've worked with this machine everyday for months and this is the best configuration I have come up with.

Regarding the nickle signal. When in doubt dig all the nickle signals because that is where the gold hides. You will dig your share of trash, there is no avoiding it but if you dig your nickles you'll get your gold. One of these times when you think your digging junk and you leasat expect it it will be a 14kt wedding band instead and you will be glad you dug it.

Good luck and


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Aug 12, 2008
North Florida
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I've spent a lot of hours with my Ace 250 lately, and have experimented a lot, and have come to pretty much the same conclusions that are recommended by MichiganRob.
I would add something, however- in highly trashy areas, stay in all metal mode, but turn the sensitivity down to 3 or 4( or maybe even 2 sometimes) swing a little slower, and listen more carefully. This will improve target separation and decrease the masking effect. It really works- I have made finds with this method I previously missed when going over the same area.
Also try detecting shortly after a good rain; you will find more targets and it sure makes digging easier. Good luck


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Feb 5, 2008
Alexandria, VA
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You might try getting out of the rocks and into a tot lot. sand beach or playground until you get some more experience and confidence under your belt. Once you have your machine dialed in a little better, you'll be ready for the rocks.

If it's any consolation, digging in those conditions is hard for everyone but good finds are there for that reason. It scares off all but the determined.

Good luck to you.


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Feb 23, 2007
Bradenton, Fl
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I think you will eventually learn to hear the difference. It takes some time and lots of digging!


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Jun 26, 2008
Yarnell, AZ
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Hard ground? Use a T-14. Or a shovel.... or a pickaxe..... or a Bobcat..... or a backhoe..... the point.... match your equipment and determination to the conditions. TTC


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Mar 12, 2005
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cntrydncr1 said:
I think you will eventually learn to hear the difference. It takes some time and lots of digging!

i agree. a nickle has an almost smooth tone to it. its hard to describe but a nickle does sound a little different than trash on an Ace250.

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