Added an extremely rare Fireman's Helmet from the late 1800's to my Paterson N.J. collection


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Sep 16, 2010
Hewitt N.J.
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Looking at an email from Live Auctioneers a local auction had a number of fire fighting collectibles, including a number of helmets. When I saw this Cataract Hose #2 it was described as a Goshen NY helmet, but since I have access to old department numbers I looked up Goshen NY and they had a Cataract Hose #1. Then I searched Hose #2 and sure enough Paterson NJ was one of the few that had a Cataract Hose #2. Then I searched their website, which I do research for, and sure enough there were a couple of these painted Parade Shields on the website.

So I waited 10 days for the auction to come up and on Saturday my buddy won it for me since he went to the actual auction in Middletown NY. Not only that, he saved me 13% by paying cash and giving his company number to save me on the sales tax.

This parade helmet belonged to Foreman James Greer, and I am very happy to be it's current caretaker. James was a carpenter who lived at 36 Fulton St. in Paterson, the chore now is to find a photo of him....


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Mar 9, 2012
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Congrat's to you on one very nice Fire Parade helmet. I'm a retired Fireman, and I still have my leather New Yorker I wore. A great piece of memorabilia there.

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