AMAZING day in my own back yard!!!!!!!!!


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Aug 16, 2009
Gadsden, AL
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Amazing day today in mine and my dads (mlhudson) backyard excavation. It all started from him detecting and getting a big signal. When he got to the signal, he had already found several marbles by then, he saw a lot of rust. So he decides to dig the hole a bit bigger. He finally gets the it out. It ends up being a coal scoop. After he retrieves it, he finds an old shoe polish bottle with some watered down polish left in it!!! So he decides to make the hole, EVEN BIGGER!!! It was already nearly 2 feet deep and nearly 4 feet wide! We end up making new holes. Today was the best one yet!!! In all today, my dad found a 1930 Quarter and a 1889 Liberty V nickel!!! But I beat him out! :wink: In all today, I got a 1914-D Barber dime, 1902 Indian Head cent, and (drum roll please...) ... a BEAUTIFUL 2 Cent Piece!!! My first! And I beat my dad to one. Haha Well, thanks for looking everyone. HH


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Dec 15, 2007
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If you found this in your own back yard, I would be spending a lot time looking it over, and over. Thanks for sharing. Happy Hunting.....


Jun 19, 2010
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Another Southeast Treasure Hunter great find : :wav: That is a good one.

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