Another season this a joke?

Dave N Japan

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Mar 31, 2006
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but wait, I donated $10,000 to the cause......... th (26).jpeg

Dave N Japan

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Mar 31, 2006
Detector(s) used
CZ-3D, CZ-20,CZ-21, F-75 LTD, AT Pro, F-44
Fisher Impulse 8 and 10,
GTA 750 CTX (new)
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Even if they found anything, you would hear it on the evening news before seeing it on the TV show


Oct 9, 2011
With your info , you made this thread quite interesting.

Thank you
I'm telling you the truth , Dave Wolper et al , ( Laginas inclusive ) read fictional story line I developed on an old forum .

I have their emails to me from the time period

I wrote the fiction , Wolters grabbed it and ran with it , he knew going in , that it was fiction .

I made that clear to him when I replied to his email
He later had his Production manager contact me through email offering to put me on T.V. if I take
them into the Organ Mountains and show them Knights Templar artifacts .

The freaking nerve of these people , absolutely no dignity , swipe a writers material , commercialize it for profit
turn around and ask for more .
I posted the email in the Victorio Peak Threads on this forum , you can review it yourself or I can post it again here .

Put me on T.V. ? That is supposed to impress me ? Yeah , like the Title header for this thread : " Is this a JOKE ? "

it's worse than I've related .

You can read the postings from 2003 that I copy pasted here , time stamp on them ,,,
yet ,,, they thought it up themselves ,,, right ?
they got special information through hard research ,,, right ?

Wolter : " Hey Folks , look what our hard research just uncovered ,,,, the Knights Templar came to the Americas and Built
Treasure Vaults !!!!!!!!!! "

This post is from the mouth of the person who created the story .
intellectual property ?

who cares about that .

Expose the scammers ?

Yepper , now we're talking .


Oct 9, 2011
Charlie P.

spot on Man .

That's how fiction is written , wrap a bunch of fun stupid stuff into a small amount of Fact ,, and that's exactly
what I was doing at the time ,,,
captivate the reader ,, right ?

Like Dean Coontz , some people become captivated with his storylines

and buy every book he writes ,,

you know it's fiction and useless as knowledge ,,, but ,, gude lord ,,, is so captivating ya can't stop reading it .


Oct 9, 2011
My Post from 2003 ,

This posting with some of my others , gain a PM Box full of emails .
guess who some of them were from ..


copy paste of 2003 Roger Snow Posting as " Hippie " on

" by hippie on Thu Dec 04, 2003 5:08 pm Gentlemen
What Oak Island has is a depository of Knights Templar Articles.
The Treasure is obtained by entering the shafts and or tunnels.
The entrance to these tunnels will be found through the leylines of the Golden mean.
Stones, with drill holes have been found on the island.
These are your increment stones.
The holes will be a certain depth
each inch = 1ft.
If the hole in the stone is 12 inches deep , then the increment is 1 inch per foot.
Measure the distance to the next stone, note how many inches you come up with, say you come up with 123, this means your diagonal line from your southeast corner to your northeast corner will equal 123 feet, this will be the long line of the ley line of the golden mean, You will be looking to set a golden rectangle by this increment.
Where the ley lines intersect on that rectangle, is one of your entrances to the tunnels that will safely get you into one of the vaults.
Next, you must begin to arc the golden spiral, where the spiral cross's the ley lines, there you will find more entrance's to more vaults.
Your next step is to leyout the golden triangle and the Golden circle, remembering that it is 1/3 of the circle that is the portion you are looking for, note that where the lines of the triangle cross the bisect of the circle is your next entrance.
Perhaps it is best, that you take an ariel photo, mark the locale of each stone with the holes that have been found. overlay the photo with clear plastic, set you degrees at 36 and 76 for the ley lines, and see what you come up with.
This is the KEY to the chest.
A study of Pythagorean Geometry, fibbonacci number sequence, and the golden mean would help.
The date on the stone of 1704 is not a date, it is an increment.
this is part of the esoteric knowledge used for these burials.
The alchemy symbols for such are in the area.
The Hippie
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Oct 9, 2011
here's the next post I wrote

you tell me , anything of this reality show sound like this stuff I wrote ?

no I am not angry , just , well , folks should realize it's fiction , not even a Theory .

copy pasted post of 2003

Hi Tank, Not to worry, It is hard to rattle me.
This is my first visit to this site.
On my formulas and where they come from, or as you state it, " how do I know this ?
I am the descendant of the Grand Master Ruxillias of the Knights Templar, circa 1651, as well, My linage is that of Huges duPayen.
Huges, was from the Monastery where Dagobert the II was exiled to after his overthrow by the Carolingians, Dag, was what is known as the last Merovingian King of Middle Europe.
This linage is said to be that of the Saan Grael, known as the Holy Grail, or better stated, Translated loosly from the Latin, Holy blood (Saan Graael)
The Esoteric Knowledge is handed Down through the Linage of the Holy Blood line of King David through to the first Merovingian King and unto the first Grand master of the Knights Templar, which was Huges Du Payan,
The Sacred Geometry outlined above in my prior post, is the Key to many ancient sites and structures of the Ancients.
Much is Laid out to the Geometric design Pythagoras Attributed to Element #47 out of Euclids book #1 of the 13 books of Euclids elements.
This Geometry is relative to all sites within the Ancient Esoteric and Arcane arena. It is the foundation by which The Pyramids at Giza are set and as well as that of other sites inclusive in these is the Cities of Atlantis.
Yeah, Atlantis is real.
As is appearent unto all who have attempted to discover the Mystery of the design implemented in the Construction of the Oak Island Vaults and channels (tunnels) The designers were above the mainstream populace in their Knowledge of constructing such a baffeling maze of stumbling blocks and shafts to protect this one site, as well, even today, with the Technology extent, We struggle greatly to unravel this site.
This is evident in and of it's self that the construction and design is "NOT" that of the simple Pirate,
Simply, the site is one that was very cleverly planned, and replacates those vaults of the Ancients that have yet to be discovered.
A simple demonstration of the Knowledge that the Grand Masters of the Knights Templar were the inhieritors of is the Fact that they were able to enter King Tuts tomb nearly 900 years ago and remove objects more precious then Gold, without the burden of removing the Mass of stones covering the tomb as did Carter and Canarvon had to remove.
This was done, and articles removed, then the 4 doors resealed, and the few stones blocking the channel under the rest of the stones replaced without causing a cave-in. The knowledge of this construction, may have been retrived in Constantinople during the Crusades, where it had been taken by the Zealots who had Sacked the Great Library at Alexandria back in the 4th century, As well, Huges and the other 8 Knights, may have recovered from the Holy land the Documents with the information within them a century before the invasion of Constantinople.
Either way, it was somewhat mind boggeling to Carter that someone had opened the Tomb of Tut, and did not Bother to take ALL the treasure from within, and they were not in a rush, for they took the time to reseal the doors with plaster, and as Carter thought, Heave all the stones back in place, so it is not as though they did not have the time to take all the treasure , nor is it a matter of them being caught, for the items they took, were not placed back in the tomb as they would ahve been if the looters ahd been caught, simply, what was removed meant more to the retrievers then the gold and jewels of Tut, and as well, the Knights Templar already had more Gold and Jewels at their disposal then they ever needed, so why burden themselves further ? ( must be nice to have that much, don't ya' think ?)
The Drag marks of trunks being removed from the Tomb and drug OUT the doors on a prior raid of the tomb, were still in extent upon Carters opening the Tomb some 7 hundred years later.
Carter must have went to his Grave Bothered Greatly by that Mystery.
I can well imagine he did.
On a futher note,,,,,
One may find within the seals of Solomon, and in the Ancient Hebraic Alchemy, all the symbols for such Geometry and the increments of measure, as well as many other features pertaining to Matters of the spirit.
The Ancient Kabbalah, is a set of symbols, each with a mathmatical equivalent, for instance : Pythagoras attached the letter "Y" to element #47, this Geometric design, per his Theorem, was the Key to the Transmigration of the soul from one being or body unto a higher one.
Well,,,, Thats what his theory states. so don't bug me about it MAN

On the Hippie conotations. I would like to point out that Hippism is not a drug based paradigmn,( no matter how the media attempted to portray it)
It is about consciousness, one closely aligned with the teachings of Both Jesus Christ and Pythagoras, whereas , PEACE AND UNCONDITIONAL LOVE WERE THE PARAMOUNT ELEMENTS OF THAT CONSCIOUSNESS.
Funny, but I notice as I reviewed the community of Pythagoras, how it appeared to me that this Community surely must have been the contemporary HIPPIE COMMUNE of Greece at the time.
well, just a cute observation to add here in the midst of all the esoteric dialog.
Lets see, I guess I shall at this point throw out a theory as to where exactly the Oak Island Articles came from and why they were deposited there at the island. ( please, keep in mind that i have for the most part read a hugh amount of other theories, and I do not discount them, and this should not be taken as an opurtunity to open a debate with myself by others, I allow them their theories, without attcking such, and in a fair exchange, May they allow me mine, without attack )
As I hav'nt the time to look back on the exact date of this event, I am going to just use for the momment a supposed date, this being done without refering to notes. so please, do not pick the time-stamp apart, geeees-its ! Thank you.
In or ABOUT???? 1602, "ROUGHLY", and in answer to the Church once again targeting the knights Templar in yet another inquitition, by which to frame them for heresy and thereby obtain the Knights land holdings and wealth. The Knights found that perhaps it was time for a little retribution to be paid back to the Church, They brought their combined ships and Harbored them, then, paying off the sentinels, entered the Vaults within the Catacombs beneath the Vatican, They raided and looted these vaults, loaded the loot upon their ships and set sail for the New World.
The deposit at Oak Island, is but a small portion of that loot taken from the Vaults, Some of this loot comprised some of the Templar Treasure that the Church had unjustly taken control of in the 14th century during King Phillipes frame job of the Knights, of Friday the 13th 1307.
This looting of the Vatican Vaults was retailiation for the unjust lynchings of the Knights to gain control of their wealth, and as well, was simply taking back from thieves what was originally stolen from the Knights. The looting was kept hushed by a Vatican which felt secrecy about it would best serve the purpose of trying to retrieve the goods.
Interesting to note, it was The Knights Templar who had found the Gold of King Solomon, and it is as well interesting to note that Huges du Payan was a direct descendant of King Solomon, so you might say, Huges was recieving his rightful legacy after almost 2000 years, It was this gold that was part of the loot the Knights took back from the Vatican which the Church had Tortured and killed for 300 years earlier.
Something to ponder, What did Saunier find in Rennes, that substantiated the Claims of this Bloodline, That caused the vatican to allow Saunier pretty much a free lincense. It was not so much gold he found, yes, he did find wealth, but it was Documents and evidence he found that was more devastating to the Church. Documents that told of the Bloodline of Christ, the holy blood. The real divine right to rule bloodline. uh,,, debate it all you wish, never the less, it is true. but hey, I ain't sellin' no books on it. so sheeesh-its already.
Anyway, that is a side note.
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by hippie on Fri Dec 05, 2003 1:26 am
UMMMMmmm, just as a very interesting side note, and to add a truth that amy as well help people to understand these Caches of the Knights templar.
There is alive today at least one descendant of the person who made this deposit at Oak Island, He is a first born son of a first born son of the linage.
Within the linage of the scione, there are certain requirments to be met concerning each and every deposit, or inhieritence as it may be refered to.
This is all laid out within the documents, of the leagacy.
The Order of scione as it is refered to, is the protection agency within the Knights Templar, they keep a watch on the descendants, and this is done in secrecy, they as well, keep a watch on the caches.
The documentation, are compiled and held within a database by the Government of the United States.
The Vatican, as well, have copies of those documents compiled.
Both the U.S. government, and the Vatican, KNOW who the inhieritors are for each cache.
They keep this out of the public domain, and I can well attest that they have through their intel agencies, attempted to swipe these treasures from the descendants. The files within the treasury department outline this imensely, and they are filed under a clearence heading of :
One of the preiminent grand-masters of the current Knights Templar society was my Great Grand-father Chris Brooks, He is the prime source of my knowledge of these facts, he as well, had access to all documents held within our Governments files that cover these treasures.
The Corruption appearent within the United Staes agencies that have these documents in their posession, has cost some of the inhieritors a great fortune.
This is not a new happenstance whatsoever, for this battle for this wealth has been carried on ever since the Gold of King Solomon was brought to Europe, it has been the Cause of many a torture and death, quite an intrigue. In my own case, when I recieved from my G-Garndfather my own documents, He told me straight forward that this had been going on for 350 years, or since the time of the looting of the vaults of the Gold and other articles rightly belonging to the Scione of the San Grael.
I will here add, that all of these sites ahve built into them deathtraps , and these are triggered if unknowledgable people attemt to open these sites, In the Case of Oak Island, this has already been exampled.
Further, I personally, am "NOT" the inhieritor of the treasure of Oak Island, it belongs to someone else. I have not any gain by telling you the truth of the matter outside of helping to clear the fog a bit for those who wonder over the Mystery of the Cache and how and why it is there.
If there was honesty within the Governments who have the knowledge of the inhieritors, they would approach the inhieritor of the Cache at Oak Island, and produce the documents and then attempt to help that person recover his rightful legacy.
However, This is not the case at this time, yet,,,, perhaps through exposure of these facts and the documents available, This condition can and will be changed.

Being that GREED seems to be the GOD of some souls in this world, and those souls who have succumb to GREED and replaced their GOD with it, and they are the ones who have the documents within their files, it is un-likely that they will contact the Scione and allow for an honest echange with them for as to allow them to collect their Legacy.
Further, as I have already stated in a post above, I am not open to debate as to the Validity of my statements here, or anywhere, I have very personal Knowledge of these facts . for I live them, I as well have reviewed the Top Secret Documents from the files, Therefore, I ask that the readers of these post, please refrain from any attempt to shoot arrows. I give you these truths, as a gift, not as a spring board for others personal attacks steming from the glorified egos and self agrandisement of those who wish to push to the top of solving the Mystery.
I say this simply because I have noted the echange of post here and elsewhere, containing agumentive debate and exchanges, NONE of which furthers anyones hope of ever discovering the truth, it just makes for a bad display of ill manners, and as well is tiresome to the eyes and mental process to witness and read. THANK YOU.

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Vikings are so two years ago. A long-ship buried vertically.

I like the ley-line theory. That's right up there with crystal healing and the zodiac "signs" having any significance in the natural world.

I think Bigfoot was a giant Templar knight from Atlantis who got stuck in his chain mail and it got mossy, so he dug a hole in some Canadian island swamp to hide the Arc of the Covenant and Tesla's death-ray while soaking in coconut fiber bath salts as he pondered the Beale Codes.

Oh, and some guy in France made a painting of it showing a tomb and some funny runic code but that was accidentally dynamited by aliens who left only a Roman Sword made in Taiwan . . . but coincidentally the blade was proportional to the handle by the Golden Mean according to a 2,000 year old Masonic parchment printed in 1820.

If we can tie in Amelia Earhart, Al Capone and the Lost Dutchman Mine we're full cycle.


That's some expert level snark, right there.


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Mar 10, 2014
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Season 4...Almost at your "Door"!



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Couldn't be any dumber than Hunting Hitler, could it ?
[Haven't watched either one]


Oct 9, 2011
her's the email from history channel to me , asking for more Knights Templar info and sites

these people are Frauds

~~~~~ begin copy pasted email to my email addy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

PaulaE has sent you a private message on Feb 13 , 2015 08:52PM
Hi Roger,

My name is Paula Engelking. I'm Senior Writer for American Unearthed, a History Channel/H2 show about unusual sites and artifacts. We're interested in the Templar imagery and artifacts you wrote about--the ones found in Johnson and Soledad Canyons in New Mexico.

We might want to include the Templar/New Mexico connections in our show. Please call me at -------(cell.) My manager really wants to see what you've seen. Do you have pictures you could email to me showing what you located? How did you find out about the artifacts? Did you read about it somewhere else?

~~~~~~ End email message to me ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Told ya so
they got that Knights Templar oak island BS from my fictional writing

and made a T.V. series out of it

Clowns on Meth are not as slimey as these freaks

enjoy the truth I give you

more to follow


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If they don't find the treasure it must be president -elect Trump's fault.


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What's the victory condition(s) for that board game ?

Is it find the Holy Grail or is it to land a lucrative television series contract ?

Not Peralta

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Amigo's:coffee2::hello Remember,It's called the money pit for a reason,:hello np:cat:


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Didnt they have a diver go down in the shaft and he didnt find a thing?

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