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Recall the Carly Simon song (later used in a Heinz ketchup TV commercial) which serves as the title of the thread.

Here's the story ...

Two weeks ago as I was picking up my weekly (skunk) box of half dollars, I asked the teller (as I always do) if she had any other halves.

She said she did not, but mentioned that some guy had been in earlier with a lot of loose coins that he fed into the coin machine. That machine, however, does not accept half dollars, so he was left with a lot of half dollars.

The guy told her that he had found the coins in his late aunt's closet (I suspect he might have been the executor of her estate). Now it was getting interesting.

For some reason, the teller did not want to accept the loose halves, but she gave him some coin wrappers and instructed him to roll them up and bring them in.

I told her I would much appreciate a phone call when those halves arrived. She said OK.

Today, I called the bank to see if my box had arrived -- a different teller took my call and said that my box had been delayed a day, but that she did have some rolls of halves -- 15, to be exact.

When I got to the bank, the first teller waited on me and she said that those 15 rolls were, in fact, the ones from two weeks prior. The man had wrapped them and brought them in.

Attached is a picture ...

I figured one of three scenarios was in play ...

1. The mother lode of sorts -- Walkers, Franklins, '64 Kennedys, and maybe some 40% Kennedys as well.
2. No 90% silver, but a good number of 40% silver (maybe with a '64 sneaking in)
3. Skunks

Looks like I picked Door #3.


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