Anyone deal with sun trust bank in Florida.


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Apr 9, 2010
I might go to Florida and want do some hunting. There are allot of sun trust banks here. I was going to use them as a dump bank. Up north I use TD, But there are no TDs in the area I will be going to. I would be happy for any opinions on using them. Thanks and HH.
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Sep 14, 2008
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Assume you already have an account. Otherwise you can't dump.


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Dec 30, 2008
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suntrust banks around here won't sell you any rolls or change if you don't have an account. tellers ask right off. i always answer yes even if i don't. suntrust is the only one i have run up against that will check. they checked me and said sorry i don't see you have an account here. i said check again i have my car loan with you guys. (which i did). teller said ok and sold me 3.00 in clad halves. did not check again for the car loan. :icon_scratch: :icon_scratch:


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Aug 19, 2011
I have an account with Sun Trust and they were my first pick-up bank. They have been good about ordering anything that I want. I never found much of anything in the bags of halves I was getting from them so I switched to a couple of other banks but still get a few boxes of dimes a week from them. I have always used BOA for my dump banks so I have never dumped at Sun Trust. There are no coin counting machines at any of the banks that I know of down here so everything has to be rolled. While there are a lot of Sun Trusts, I think there are even more BOA's and Wells Fargos down here if you have an account at one of them. Most banks will ask if you have an account with them.

There are lots of people with nothing to do with time on their hands, and some real fast moving little old guy who seems to be able to stay just ahead of me because I get a lot of, "someone just asked and someone just took all that we had." As long as you have time to wait and don't mind listening while Ethel tells the teller about Fred's triple bypass, her Grandchildren's awards as geniuses in first grade math, and the lotion she uses for the carbuncles on her feet, you should be able to do OK. Just remember it's polite to smile back when she turns around and looks at you after the fifteen minutes that you are waiting with the three boxes of coins balancing on top of one of the rope posts.

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Jun 30, 2011
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:) My father had his accounts with Bank Atlantic in Florida. He lived on the East Coast. I know they are all over Florida. They had a coin counter machine in the lobbey for customers to use. You might want to check with them while you are down there.

Good Luck & HH

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