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Jul 5, 2012
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The drop in Apple Stock is very bad news in more ways than one. Fox News reported a few days ago most US pension funds and 401K's are loaded with Apple Stock. My wife's State Teacher Retirement fund, loaded. Her additional 401K and some other fund...loaded. My 401K and I believe an additional 201? (not sure of the number and am to lazy, and scared to go looking it up right now, loaded with Apple. I have something else, can't remember the title or number owned since 1984, but remember it has 9% Apple. At that time I do remember my broker advising me to buy more Apple on the side. Went with a my State Bond fund instead. Triple tax free at that time. I've never been good at listening to brokers. The drop in Apple is going to hurt us all.


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Jan 24, 2013
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Anyone who held Apple at $702 was crazy. If you look at the equity, at that price people were paying almost 7x book value. People that owned it fell for the "growth stock" trap rather than looking at the intrinsic value of the company. Anyone that owned stock at that level should have asked themselves if the earnings growth was sustainable. In the gadget world, a better mousetrap emerges almost daily. Apple had a good run, but eventually they saturated the market with their own gadgets and faced probably unfair and possibly illegal competition from Google and others. Just like GM in the mid 1900s, growth slowed/ended. They have a chance to come out with a new great gadget, but in the meantime, expect continued correction to a value of 2.5-3x book, or about $300-350/share. At those levels, "value" investors will support the stock. It is still overvalued at $450. Value investors will look at the stock for what it is rather than speculating about what it could be.


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Apple just announced that it will split 7 to 1, meanwhile it's share value is climbing and is now at $635 with annual dividends of $13.35 per share.

Beginning on June 9th, the revalued stock will hit the market again...and will be somewhere around $91.00+...(with adjusted dividends at $1.91 per share)...:thumbsup:

It will be interesting to see how this stock responds with new first-time buyers entering the market...assumably, there will be a rocketing drive upward with a corresponding leveling within weeks...
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Dec 4, 2013
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Keep a eye on they are planning on drones to mail packages. They are going for same day delivery. People will be fascinated by the drone so they will pay the extra to have it deliver. Just saying keep a eye out they are sorta slept on. Last year they opened up 10 more warehouses year before that 12. Including a sorting facility in canada. Also something in India. They have bought out robotics company's. In the next 10 years I wouldn't he surprised if they took over ups.

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Jun 15, 2007
I have APPLE, too; gonna keep it, as High-Tech will go to "Military Use", soon. Drones, etc. instead of losing more HUMANS. Kids today who love "video games", computer games, etc. are TOMORROW'S Warriors... need MORE High-Tech SKILLS; APPLE has to keep up with or LEAD this "market". It is a FOREVER STOCK... like Coca-Cola.
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