🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Are these specimens petrified wood?


Apr 3, 2022
So glad I found this website. This is my second post. My first post was solved in less than a day so figured I would try another unsolved mystery. For a number of years, I have found several fossils in the same general area of a creek in Southeast Ohio. One of my finds were just solved. I have always believed that the objects in these photos are petrified wood, although, I have never actually confirmed this. The pieces range from about 12" to 20" and are very heavy. Maybe between 20 - 40 pounds depending on the piece. I display them in my flower beds. Figured it was time to actually know if they are petrified wood or not. If not, I won't bother dragging them home anymore. Showing four different pieces. Thanks for viewing.


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It's best to look at the "end grain", if it were a present day log the end is what you want to look at, to see if you can determine if there are growth rings, if growth rings are present it would very possibly confirm that it's petrified wood.

It's very hard to say if not impossible from your current photos.
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