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Jan 8, 2019
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Pulled this pin out this morning. I believe they are Cannons. I'm not really sure what the O S stands for.



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Feb 24, 2006
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The insignia of the US Army's Coast Defense Artillery is crossed cannons with an upright bullet-shaped artillery projectile where the cannons cross.

Although your insignia is not a 100% match, it is close enough to be related. But note, the official US Army version of the CDA insignia has never had the letters US on the insignia.

Yours might be from the Knights of Pythias Uniformed Ranks fraternal organization, whose insignia closely imitated US Army insignia, such as the crossed-rifles emblem for Infantry.

As other posters indicated, the pin-attachment on your insignia's back dates it to the very-late 1800s into the early-1900s... which coincides with the time of the KoP UR organization.

The Coast Artillery (Seacoast Defense Artillery) regiments served the heavy-artillery cannons in various Seacoast and Harbor Defense forts, on both coasts of the US.
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