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Mar 7, 2018
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Hey Folks!
I found a few treasures in the local California AAA office. They've given a bit of an early nostalgic Christmas gift to California members for free at your request! Fold out maps of: Panoramic View of Yosemite Valley circa 1916, Metropolitan Los Angeles 1930, & Coast Route from L.A. to San Diego 1926. Rim of the World Drive 1915 is coming soon this year. I know you can find these maps online, but for the nostalgic, there's nothing quite like a paper map in your hands! Happy Holidays to all you researchers & collectors out there!


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Dec 20, 2015
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That is really cool you could copy them and sell em If you have one from MI Ill bite lol Nice relics


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Jun 6, 2006
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That is really cool you could copy them and sell em If you have one from MI Ill bite lol Nice relics
Are you suggesting re-selling copyrighted materials????? They do go after people doing this, at least in the Colorado / rocky mountains area. Call the membership number and get a membership! A handful of maps & books pays for itself. Last I heard all the maps are printed in So Cal. Another hint - try to get past the trip planners to the guys that actually prepare your trip tic, they've got goodies in their desk they'll throw in if you ask. I got a box of Forest Service maps from the lady in charge of the folks doing trip tics. I asked & she said come see me, I'm retiring And have some stuff you might be interested in. Four boxes later........... They're cutting back so they don't offer up much unless you ask.

If you look on the corner of your maps you'll see numbers that are the month & year the map was printed.

Oh, if you go out in the boonies much the Plus membership is the way to go! One time getting pulled out of a ditch is equal to two+ years of dues. Call a couple tow companies and price a tow from say your house to a mechanic across town. That was the big selling point for me. But seriously be careful <(don't do it) try to sell copies of AAA maps.

Guess I should add I worked for AAA in Colorado until I found out CDOT paid 2 3/4 times what AAA did.


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Jul 12, 2004
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Those maps have a lot of value to the Club. You should get in touch with the AO so they can at least have the option to be properly displayed.

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