Az metal detector outings...Anyone want to team-up?


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Apr 27, 2015
Saddlebrooke, Pinal County, Az.
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XP Deus RC WS4 v5.21.
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Metal Detecting
Hello All,
I'm gearing up for some metal detector outings in Arizona. I will be going to some of the GPAA claims in Az to check them out and do some detecting. I can bring one guest if they are not a GPAA member. I will also be going to other remote locations to detect for nuggets and anything else interesting. Most outings will be day trips or hotel stays in the area of search. I'm planning to camp-out later when I have all my gear prepared. I live north of Tucson in the Saddlebrooke community. Message me if you'd like to team-up on some outings. First outing is likely tomorrow, 12/18/20. Best of luck, Ed.

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