🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Basic boring rock, (what is it)?


Jun 21, 2022
Hello I'm new.

I found a rock in my neighborhood I don't live anywhere special just a little town in Washington state, and I found this rock near my home. Is it just a crap, boring rock? I found it on my way home crossing the street. When I found it I thought it was different than most of the rocks I've seen living in this state.

I don't know anything about rocks. but I see the rock is shiny and it glistens with (crystals or whatever it is all over the rock). I don't know what it is. Even if the rock is nothing I was happy to find it anyways today. I thought someone dropped it because I've never seen a rock like that around here. I feel like it found me more than I found it ( I tripped over it). Anyway, I understand now how people are excited happy when they find beautiful rocks etc. And there are way more beautiful rocks people have shared on here, than the one I found today.

The rock feels kinda flaky, ashy but no residue. Someone can tell me what the rock is?


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