Best dredging in N.C.


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Nov 18, 2004
The gentleman that owns a shop where i purchased my detector has found the N.C. motherload.
He has a dredge and a john boat and goes out to old and new swimming holes, party spots on rivers,docks ,peirs and bridges and with an under water detector and a three " dredge he sucks up every hit into a basket with 1/4" screen. He then removes all prec. stones and sells the gold to some place in columbia sc. He gets around 18 to 25 thousand dollars a year doing this. That dosn't count selling the stones to a jeweler. Sounds like the most profitable type of gold and treasure hunting one can do around N.C.
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Thats awsome and ironick casue i just finished making a basket just for that very thing.Had know idea that some one els was doing that to!!and i all so live in N.C.Would he need any help????Im sure not but thought id ask!Keep up the good work keep us posted i have found a few places but havent got heater yet for my suit waters to cold for me right now. But soon it will not matter.Ill have heat!!!


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