Best VSAT setting for very small nuggets


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Jul 5, 2007
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Whites GMT, Garrett Gold Stinger, Garrett XL500 Pulse, 2" Sub-Dredge,Goldsnare SGS-1, ELF detector, MFD w/electronic detector
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I hunt in a northeastern state rivers with very small nuggets/pickers. What would be a good VSAT setting for slow and careful hunts?

Jim in Idaho

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Jul 21, 2012
Blackfoot, Idaho
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White's GM2, GM3, DFX, Coinmaster, TDI-SL, GM24K, Falcon MD20, old Garrett Masterhunter BFO
'Way Too Cool' dual 18 Watt UV light
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There's no specific setting. It all depends on the ground you're hunting. I like to set the gain for a reasonably smooth threshold and then turn the V-sat up until it starts getting a little scratchy. It's sort of a personal thing. What I consider perfect, other people may consider less than perfect. The gain and V-sat work against each other as far as a smooth threshold is concerned. Turn one up, and it gets noisy, so you reduce the other and it will quiet down. A balancing act. If the ground is really variable, it's better to lower the gain and increase the SAT. If the ground is constant, I'd rather have the gain higher, and the SAT lower. If you're getting a lot of ghost signals, I would lower the gain slightly, and increase the SAT, until the ghosting disappears. You want the gain as high as you can run, without falsing, or undue variation in the treshold.

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