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Recently there has been an upsurge in fraudulent offers for items people have listed on classified ad websites.

The most common scam is known as the Nigerian scheme. Individuals in Nigeria or other countries will often respond to ads placed on the Internet about the sale of items. (The individuals will often claim they are from Scotland or another country outside the U.S.).? Typically they agree to purchase an item and will then forward counterfeit cashiers checks or money orders to the victim in amounts exceeding the agreed upon purchase price. The unwitting victim contacts the buyer concerning the overpayment.

The victim is usually instructed to wire funds via Western Union to Nigeria or another West African country. Funds are usually wired before the counterfeit cashiers check is returned to the bank where it was deposited. This results in items being shipped without payment and the victim is out additional money spent on the wire. In every instance the bank will pass the loss back to the individual who deposited the counterfeit check.

The Nigerian scheme is not the only potential scam.


Please be aware that the TreasureNet Classifieds are world-readable.? All offers should be considered carefully, especially any offers received from outside the U.S.

Use caution when accepting offers from interested parties. If you are suspicious please let them know that you are not interested (or just ignore their offer). And please remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!


Please be aware that the TreasureNet classifieds are also world-writable. If you are puchasing an item,? you might want to check the number of posts the seller has made. (visible to the left of the ad, below the poster's username) If a user has only made a post or two, that might be reason to be especially careful.

If you feel compelled to report potentially fraudulent activities,? you can reach the websites of the Secret Service and FBI through the links below.

Fraud Alert - Secret Service

Fraud Schemes - FBI

TreasureNet is not responsible for the content of the ads, or the honesty, or integrity of potential buyers.? USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.
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