Big Treasure Hunting in Puerto Rico


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Mar 27, 2012
Franklin, NJ (for now)
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Garrett ATMAX, Garrett GTI 2500, Sea Hunter Mark II, Garrett ACE 400, Minelab X-Terra, Garrett Pro Pointer, Garrett Pro Pointer AT, Eagle Eye, LRL, Audio generator app Tone, home-made dowsing L-rod,
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All Treasure Hunting

Hi Fellows

We're planning to meet a group of hunters from Puerto Rico to outing for treasure hunting. We understand the island has many places rich in history, legends, relics, and coins from our ancient Spaniard. We know of lots of places to detect, and the Puerto Rican's landlords usually are "easy going" to grant a permit to detect; that it is a convenience. The meeting and hunt will be in Puerto Rico at west area maybe at the end of this year. Hunters have to have detectors already and some experience on the field. We want to create a group of hunters who lives in the island or live in USA, but can access to fly to Puerto Rico when a hunt is ready.

First to do

1. Leave your name, address and E-mail or cell phone to contact.
2. Brief words about you and your experience as hunter.
3. What king detector use.

and that it's all for now. No member fee required.

For more information, you can contact for private or E-mai; [email protected]

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