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Oct 16, 2021
Can anybody please date this bottle for me? I know it is a foster Forbes bottle company however I cannot find a chart for the specific numbers


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Welcome to Tnet Dawn. You’ve posted in the section for help with technical issues related to the forum and the Mods may well move your post, but no matter.

Foster-Forbes were in operation from 1929 and some sources (referencing Toulouse’s “Bottle Maker’s and their Marks”) say that mark was in use “possibly from 1929, but may be later”. Toulouse’s work contains a number of errors and this is probably one of them. Foster-Forbes didn’t apply to register the ‘FF in circle’ mark until 1964 but had been using it unregistered for a number of years before that. The application gives 1942 as the date for “first use in commerce”. It was in use at least until 1982, or possibly 1983 when they were acquired by the National Can company.

I don’t think those numbers will enable you to get to a precise date. The 2 will likely be a mould number (or possibly a plant number) and 1489 will likely be a style number that could have seen use over a fairly wide period. Without any brand indication to suggest it was a customer-specific bottle it would likely have seen generic use by multiple customers. Tracking it down further would really need the label to tell us what it held
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There's a write up on this link.
It will give another ref. which might help date the bottle.
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