Bounty Hunter Pioneer 202 not Discriminating - it is like a hot rocks detector


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Nov 23, 2020
Cleveland, Georgia
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Nokta Simplex+
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All Treasure Hunting
Even in Notch with Disc all the way clockwise, it picks up these North Georgia rocks. I am in the gold belt, some lots of quarts, mica, but I can not get it to stop paying attention to hot rocks.

Is that just something related to being in the goldbelt here? Is this the wrong detector for outdoors and forest - wagon trails, old homesteads in the woods. I am not spending any afternoon in a park here.

Thank you again for insight.


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Dec 3, 2017
Franklin, KY
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Equinox 800 XP Deus 2 Vanquish 540
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Metal Detecting
The 202 isn't really the best machine if you have a lot of minerals. It is a very basic beginners machine. Ground balance is how you get rid of ground noise. You would have to upgrade to something with basic ground balance capabilities or maybe something with multiple frequencies like the Vanquish if your budget minded. The Simplex is cheap but won't do well in that soil type. I would ask around to see if any of the Vanquish users have tested one in that type of soil.
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