Built A PVC Sluice Stand This Week.


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Mar 21, 2005
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Garrett- Master Hunter CX,Infinium, 1350, 2500, ACE 150-water converted 250, GTA 500,1500 Scorpion, AT Pro
Built an adjustable PVC pipe stand for both my California river sluice and 36 inch small V matting sluice. The stand will allow me to run the California river sluice with my fluid bed concentrator and in the river in deeper water where I might need a stronger flow. The V matting sluice can be used to do cleanups at the river and also a way to put at the end of my highbanker to monitor any flour gold losses. Everyone stay safe and get lots of that Vitamin "G."



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May 29, 2005
St. Louis, missouri
Nice job. I found that I needed large disc's on my stands feet that constantly sinks into the sand and gravel stream bed's Otherwise I would have to constantly re-adjust the height of the sluice to keep all my material going evenly across the sluice , unless I drove steel rod's into the stream bed for stability and then also I would have to keep a eye on the stream levels .PLUS you'll need to weight it down more because of the streams water force ! BUT these are super EZ to make

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