Button? Rosette? Something Else? Help ID this....


Jun 16, 2024
I dug this from an old homesite that probably dates from the mid 1800's to early 1900's. House is long gone and plowed under. Hand dug well is still nearby. I have found shotgun shells dating from 1898-1913. I also have found old cast iron "smokehouse" locks that have brass keyways and took S-shaped keys. There was plenty of Confederate/Union activity in the area.
This item looks like a metal button about the size of a nickel; maybe smaller. Definitely bigger than a dime. It is very heavy for its size. Almost like it is filled with lead. I do not know the metal that it is made of. It looks like a single shank was on the back. Hard to tell it from the photo but it is shaped like a UFO. Anything that can narrow down the age of the homestead is what I am after. Any help about the specifics of whatever this is will be greatly appreciated.


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Hard to say for sure, but if it's sized between a dime and a nickel, I don't think it's a rosette.

That's my take on it too. I found a rosette once. It was 2" across. The shank on the back of this item is wrong when compared to other rosettes I have seen. I thought maybe it could be something associated with horse/mule tack that someone may be familiar with. I think its a button of some type. But what type and off of what and how old?

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