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Dougie Webb

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Jun 14, 2019
Stone Mountain, Georgia
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Hey y'all. I try hard not to bother you guys with trying to identify my junky finds but this one is just weird. I just got done living in San Diego for several weeks for work and spent many evenings and weekends exploring the backcountry in my convenient Jeep Wrangler rental. This thing I found outside of Jamul (32.72723143915419, -116.74852966650205) on the side of a truck trail in fairly shallow sand. I've had to do a lot of cleaning and soaking to get it to this point, and the more I clean, the more puzzled I am.

Here's what I know
  • Fundamentally, it's a rock. I don't know what kind. It's heavy (about like granite) and not magnetic (The area has had mining activity dating back to the 1800's)
  • About six inches tall
  • Precisely drilled holes throughout. Some go all the way through. Others only partially. Some are plugged with metal. One even has a screw in it.
  • Most of the metal is magnetic, except for one spot I'll point out.
  • The rock is stamped with some initials at the bottom.
  • The pictures should tell the rest of the story
Any help in solving this mystery is appreciated!




From the top looking in


A chunk of iron and a screw (!)


Initials on the bottom (I see NAL P ?)


All the way through. Looks almost "graduated" the way it's drilled


Another iron "plug" there on the left


This piece of metal is not magnetic. Although the side of the rock beside it is!


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