Cant Find a Treasure Legend ?


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Feb 5, 2005
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Thanks Jeff. I found what I was looking for.
jeff of pa

jeff of pa

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Dec 19, 2003
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Aug 9, 2012
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Hi jeff of pa,

Thanks for the link. I'm currently searching to no avail, be it here, Google, etc., for a Western Canada "gold-nuggets" treasure legend (not a "lost gold mine" legend) I first read about on the Net approximately 13 years ago. However, I now cannot locate it anywhere, including here at TN.

My memory is foggy, yet I remember that the story was about an engineer or more likely a geologist who was sent to Western Canada by a company (or Canadian government) in the 1950s(?) to do a job that had him wandering around in maybe British Colombia, or another area of mid to western Canada. As the story goes, he was wandering around and suddenly realized that the floor of the woods(?), forest(?), that he was walking through was strewn with acorn to egg size gold nuggets. After he was finished with whatever job he was sent there to do, he went back home (back East somewhere(?)) and noted what he had found. If I recall, he sent a letter (maybe) to someone (someone at the company, or in the government?) describing the forest filled with gold nuggets, yet he kept the exact location secret.

Anyway, sorry for those very foggy details, yet that is all I can remember. It was quite a lengthy story, and the guy was interviewed (close to when he passed away?) and he was giving a very lucid account. The story really intrigued me, first because it had a lot of interesting details (maybe even the man's name) and second because it was so recent (1950s era). I remember reading that story at exactly the same time I read the story of Slumach's Gold. The story about Slumach is easy to find, yet I am unable to locate the story about the government engineer(?)/geologist(?).

Has anyone here read that story, or can maybe shoot me a link to it?


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