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Aug 8, 2005
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I have owned my Classic IDX since 2000, I added the IDX PRO to the subject because they are the same machine but the PRO is upgraded a little.
The PRO has a "hot circuit" that whites added that is suppose to give you a 30% increase in depth over the classic. And i think there is some sort of upgrade to the ID.
So for the PRO take my review and add depth and maybe a little better IDing.
Hopefully a PRO owner will add there comments.

Here gos.
Yes, I love this machine!
Every detector has it place I'm going to tell you were this detectors place is and were its not but for most cases this is a top performer.
It is very sensitive and gos as deep as the top $$$ machines it just dose not have all the bells and whistles. It will find the same stuff at the same depths, Just not as much info like VDI numbers. The ID is more general but who cares if you live by the rule of dig everything. There are a lot of things you can tell about the target once you learn this machine which is easy to do.

This detectors place,
Coin shooting and relic hunting, This machine is killer in trashy areas and it will Out perform most of the top detectors in trashy areas. This is because it is a has 2 ground filters, so this means it has a slow sweep speed but it has a very fast recovery.
This fast recovery means it can reset itself real fast after sounding from a target ready to give a good signal and id for the next target, which in trashy areas are right next to eachother so you can pick out each piece of trash and coins that are within inches of each other. you can pick out targets with the stock 9.5 inch coil that most others would need a very small coil to do. Which brings me to recomending the Blackmax 5.3 coil, I don't use mine that often because of how well you can do with the 9.5 but the 5.3 on the IDX takes target separation to amazing levels and is what i use next to sidewalks. Here in the PA with the cold winters all sidewalks have steel in them and the very sensitive 9.5 gos nuts so that is were the 5.3 really comes in to play big time also next to fences.

I use my IDX at the beach every now and than. I myself do not have problems with the salt water but I here of some others that do. It could be the conditions they have to deal with or i thinks some of them just may have there machine set to hot for it is very sensitive. Turning the sensitivity down in the wet down till its stabale is still going to nail deep targets. You may not be pussing your machine in terms of were the settings can go but setting it correctly will push it to the max in this highly conductive ground condition. Playing with the Black Sand switch will add you in doing this also, but also remember when you set you discrimination to high it make the black sand setting non functional.
The beach hunting I do is on the Atlantic coast from Maryland to Delaware just to give an idea.

Another thing I'll mention is that the ID is very accurate but just like any machine buy any manufacture don't just go buy the ID to tell if your going to dig or not. You will set yourself up for missing out on many great finds.

Another big thing I love about this machine is that it is very light weight and I don't think it could be balanced any better. I can swing this machine for hour's without killing my arm. I only quit from fatigue of my knees after a few hours of neeling and digging. I wanted to throw this in because a person with a back or arm problem this may be one of there biggest buying factors.
It is also very rugged and the batteries last forever making it cheep to operate over time.
Pinpointing is dead on.
a lot of owners will tell you this and I will to, even tough it gos against what we learn about detectors.
But the IDX is a freak of nature It gos just as deep if not a little deeper in discrimination mode than in all metal.
Thats a plus in my book for a coin shooter and for relic hunters I'm not saying the all metal dose not go deep.
The IDX all metal mode will go deeper than most and just as deep as the top $$$ machines.
This machine stays very stable and you can crank the sensitivity to the max most of the time wishing you could go further. I think this is why Whites added the Hot Circuit to the Pro. If you get a lot of falseing just start backing down the knob but in most cases you don't have to and most cases that I do I hardly ever have to go as low as the factory preset.

The place not for the IDX is, were you have a lot of very mineralized ground. It dose not have hot rock rejection so if "Hot Rocks" are a big problem in your area I'd look for a machine than has it.
It will find gold like rings but its not the most sensitive to it. So do to the very small pieces of gold and the extremely harsh ground conditions I would not recommend it if you live near gold Fields.

To sum it up if your area permit and you coin shoot or relic hunt this machine is a serious monster and is untouched in trashy areas!
If you have one or get one there is a guy that modifies the ID/IDX/IDXPRO and some other Whites.
I have not had it done yet but I'm going to this winter and I'll update when I do. I have done searches on other furoms and found all good feed back so far on his work, but I have no personal experience with him.
And the modifications Will void your warranty! So I'd say if you are going to do this use the year or two of your warranty to master and I mean master your machine than do this. And I would not do this if you do not have your machine masted. Here is a link to his sight and for feed back do a goggle search on Mr. Bill IDX mod.

Go to detector modifications.


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May 18, 2005
Uber- good review on the Idx,etal...very accurate..........Harrisburg uh, any civil war sites? aloha johny mc.


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Jun 11, 2004
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I think you got it right. The only two things I can add is 1. The unit is subject to power line interference but I solved the problem by turning down the sensitivity. 2. My unit did not work well with the Sunray probe attachment for pinpointing. It was very unstable so I took it off. Other than that my unit acts the same as yours. I have found my oldest coin 1886 IH penny with it at 12" next to an aluminum can 3" away. It showed two targets when I moved the coil from different directions. You did not mention the advantage when competition hunting of a variable frequency adjustment knob. It could be the difference in winning and loosing. This is the main reason I have kept my IDX Pro.

Ed Donovan


Aug 17, 2014
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I have the IDX pro with a black max pro950 coil. It was bought as a turn in at a White's dealer by an 80 something year old lady who just couldnt get out n about. I go beach hunting alot with it. I have used metal only toggle or just plain no discrim and sens all the way up. Been doing this 3 mos now and i must say it doesnt false on me a quarter is a quarter and i have even tuned it to a point with discrim level that its notched off where exactly a bottle cap or tab quits ringing up as nickel. and where i have notched for nickel it beeps true and caps and tabs get that short pith sounding beep. I currently share this detector with my 14 yr old son whom it was originally purchased for. i intend tax time to buy either a used mx5 or m6 or just but the AT PRO. As a first detector goes i think less bells and whistles is more as one earns his bones in this hobby.

HH all-


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Aug 20, 2014
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8 year old post resurrection :BangHead:

HAHA! Happens on all forums. The one detector I sold and regret it is the IDX pro. I had Mr. Bill do his upgrade and it was incredible.


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Apr 12, 2014
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What did the IDX Pro sell for brand new and is the Black Max 950 coil submersible?



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Feb 18, 2013
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I bought an IDX Pro in 2009 used, and sold it earlier this year. I think I paid around $250 and sold it for over $300. It found my first Civil War relics, amazingly after others walked past them.

I like the machine because it was my first real serious detector and in hindsight I could have used it more, but I started to use newer detectors and I didn't get it out after a point.

Bart@Big Boys Hobbies

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Jul 24, 2005
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I had one of the original IDX pros. GREAT detector for its day!

U.K. Brian

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Oct 11, 2005
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I like the IDX but the Whites Classic III Turbo was a good two inches deeper on most targets back in 2000. Turbos had DD coils which on busy sites gave a real edge years before Whites considered they should produce a double D.


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Mar 23, 2017
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Awesome detector!
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