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Sep 27, 2017
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Lost Simpson Mine/Cobsky's mine is believed to be on Silver mountain over near La Veta, Pass Colorado. Has anyone every heard of a person or know a person who has been interested in searching for it? I spend all my time in Fort Garland and searching for treasure legends in the Sangre de Cristos. It seems as if the quest is dangerous as the Cobsky left traps for anyone wishing to enter the mine. I am looking for any historical information, anyone searching, or anyone who wants to search?

See some details of the story below.

One of the richest of Colorado's lost ledges is the Lost Simpson Mine, located in the beautiful La Veta country of Huerfano County. The Lost Simpson Mine has yielded samples of ore worth $40,000 per ton. It is one of Colorado's richest! In the spring of 1937, an old prospector named Alex Cobsky passed away at the state hospital in Pueblo. Forgotten at the time of his death, Cobsky had created quite a sensation 36 years earlier when he showed up in Pueblo with a load of incredibly rich gold ore. Indeed, the ore was some of the richest ever seen in Colorado. Mining camps were soon buzzing with excitement over the news. But then Cobsky dropped out of sight.

Just when the furor was dying down, Cobsky showed up again with another load of ore. This time, he indicated that he had found an old abandoned mine shaft in the La Veta country, somewhere near Silver Mountain. Local prospectors suddenly realized that Cobsky had found the fabulous Lost Simpson Mine. Discovered in 1869 by Jack Simpson, the gold-bearing quartz vein was said to be located somewhere on or near Silver Mountain, just east of La Veta Pass. But Simpson was killed by Indians and the secret of the mine's location died with him. Cobsky apparently discovered the abandoned shaft 32 years later while herding goats. In any case, he built a cabin in the area and became somewhat of a recluse. The mine's entrance was said to lie inside the cabin. After many years, Cobsky's health declined and he wrote out his will, leaving the gold mine to some relatives in Denver. These included Anna Reicht, Howard Roepnack, and Mrs. Elizabeth Wichelt. After his death, the cabin was opened up and found to contain no evidence of any gold mine. The source of Cobsky's incredible ore was never found and remains hidden to this day
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