Compass X-200 challenger ground balance issues (Updated )


Nov 25, 2008
Charlotte NC
Detector(s) used
Compass,Garrett AT Pro,
Hey Everybody,

New to the forum here, I thought this would be the place to find additional info on the metal detector I purchased on Ebay a couple months back. I know I took a chance on purchasing something like this on Ebay but the seller seemed to be reputable and provided alot of detailed information on this unit as far as feild testing and operation of this metal detector. The X200 is a manual ground balancing unit. The ground balance operation in All Metal mode is done through pressing and holding the All metal tactile pad located on the meter face. This works in conjunction with the Ground Null adjustment located on the control box. Search head is raised waist high and ground null control is adjusted until there is little or no change in threshold tone while search head is raised and lowered. I have done this many times but just when I think it is ready to go it sings for no reason or acts very sensitive. I have checked and cleaned the pins on the coil cable plug side, checked the cable itself for cracks or exposed wire. I have also tried all coils purchased with the unit with the same results. I have also made sure the coil wire is wrapped around the post uniformally but this has not helped either. I checked inside the control box and circuit boards are clean and I cannot find any loose connections. Battery pack wiring is in good condition also, I have read and followed set-up procedure and ground balancing process described in the manual provided many times but seem to have the same results. . Any information relating to the X200 would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time

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