computer generated: Gigantic Super Moon between Russia and Canada in Arctic

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Dec 19, 2003
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Imagine that you are in a place between Canada and Russia, and suddenly, for just 30 seconds, the moon appears in all its splendor and disappears before your eyes. Looks like the moon is going to collide with the earth. But even more impressive, and for just 5 seconds, a total eclipse of the sun takes place right after the video was shot in real time. This phenomenon happens at the perigee, point of a star's orbit around the Earth, where the proximity of the Moon is so evident that suddenly, we realize the great speed at which the Earth is moving! A recent viral video shows the Moon rising very close from the Earth, moving superfast across the sky and eclipsing the Sun causing a moment of darkness, and fades below the horizon. All this happening in just 30sec’s. even without the source, it is easy to identify that the video is computer generated.


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