Confederate wagons full of gold travel north to Pa. now called Dents Run Lost Gold ?


Sep 23, 2023
Re the “Dents Run Gold”: Apart from the objections already made - lack of any documentary evidence on mission, soldiers or loss of gold, use of new names on the supposedly old map, no need for gold coins when soldiers were being paid in greenbacks, honesty of the treasure hunters, etc. - it’s worth considering the claimed route. Ignoring the obvious benefits of shipment by a more heavily guarded train, perhaps through New York State, anyone reaching Ridgeway with a wagon headed towards central or southeastern PA would have taken the Milesburg - Smethport Pike, which had been in operation as a stage and wagon route since 1830. Another option, by mid 1863, was the rail bed of the Philadelphia (or Sunbury) and Erie Railroad, which was finished from Saint Marys through Emporium and on to southern Cameron Co., where track laying was progressing. Col. Thomas Kane had used this as a carriage road in 1862. Those two towns were established twenty years earlier, and were doubtless connected by a wagon road as well. The suspiciously detailed fable from the 1970’s seems to draft on the departure of the Bucktail Regiment companies from Driftwood in April 1861, when the railroad hadn’t gone much past Lock Haven. And, BTW, the supposed convoy had already reached the headwaters of Sinnemahoning Creek in St. Marys, and would have been following them along West Creek down to the Truman area. The whole story is a yarn that turned into a hoax, perhaps sucking in the FBI before they had a chance to evaluate how sketchy it was.


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Jun 1, 2012
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So true. I have posted about the same thing. There never was a treasure. The FBI got involved because of all the scrutiny the State of PA was getting from the group. They should have not gotten involved as there never was a treasure to be found. The story was made up and I know where Finderskeepers got the story for I already had the same story. And I had researched it and I told Dennis there was no treasure. But he went ahead trying to find the "phantom ghost" of treasure hunting.


Aug 16, 2023
Are you telling us that the FBI would spend tens of thousands of dollars in manpower and now court costs to pursue a fictional story?

Oct 1, 2018
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Are you telling us that the FBI would spend tens of thousands of dollars in manpower and now court costs to pursue a fictional story?
I find this more probable than anything else. The number of times the FBI has wasted money is exponentially higher than the number of times they have found treasure.

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