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Feb 22, 2005
Spring Hill, Florida
I don't know how you gng's do it! I go in the water up to my neck (at times) and it seems that every time I get a hit, it is when I'm neck deep! I can't dig then! How do you dig without going underwater???? AND it seems that THAT is where people want to lose things. This morning 3 of my hits were in deep water. All three turned out to be coins and I had a real hard time getting them. I think people should be more considerate and lose their things a little closer to shore! That being said.... I had a good time today. I did get a little cold because there was a slight breeze so every time I got my body out of the water I got cold. I think I will go back to wearing my wet suit jacket. I don't look pretty but at least I'm warm!

I did pretty good today if I do say so myself. My first hit was..... a necklace. Boy, did it look good in the scoop but.... it's junk. It says "Aeropostle" on the clasp but I couldn't find another like it on the internet but it is cheap jewelry.


I got several bobbypins and bread ties after that hit but then I got a fancy earring. Also junk. Next came a couple pieces of an earring and when comparing them to the first one I realized that it was the mate but broken up and I never found the rest of it.


Then some more bobbypins, pulltabs and even a coin or two. I worked my way all the way to the shore and I bet only my big toe was in the water and I got a nice hit. Yep, it "looked" like GOLD! It is a tiny little ring and I think it is a childs ring not a toe ring. Since finding it so shallow I think that is what it is. It is not marked so I don't know if it is really gold or not. I don't have a test kit. I think I am going to have to invest in one pretty soon. Still.... it's a ring and it looks like gold.


More junk next. I didn't even have my usual visitors this morning. No big boy or friends. I did find a nice beach towel. I always like to find those. Several pairs of shoes on the beach as I was walking to the water including even a pair of high heel shoes! Go figure! They were kind of like flip flops but had high heels.

My next hit was a pendant that looks like a fish tail? Maybe it's supposed to be a whale fluke?


I found a metal ball next and it is about the size of a dime. I have no idea what it is. Sure made my detector ring off! My last hit of the day was another pair of sunglasses. Very cheap ones. I looked them up online and they sell for 13.49 new.


Well not the real spectacular finds that some of you make but I'm happy. I had a good morning and I can't wait for tomorrow.


Happy hunting to all! :wink:
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Dec 5, 2009
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First off geat finds you sure did good. The only time that the tone becomes important when hunting is when your neck deep in the water you have to be able to tell a coin from gold so you can pass it up and be confortable doing so. We all become too lacks when hunting and dig every signal so as not to loose a great target.This allows us to forget what we hear and just recover the target. I too have been guilty of the same. I still today play the game of guess what it is before comming out. It truly teaches you the tones and gives you that advantage to pass up a stinking sinking nickle at 12 inches while you try not to drown.


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Mar 30, 2005
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Hey, you can't pass up those deep hits - next purchase has to be a good mask and snorkel to go with the wet suit.


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Apr 29, 2011
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You found some neat things, Mumszie :hello2:

I love your posts...keep them coming! :headbang:


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Jul 12, 2007
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Great finds!!! I have been considering a mask and snorkel myself, but right now I do a lot of bobbing around trying to stretch just a little more. I may look like an idiot when I do it, but I hate to pass on a signal. :coffee2:


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May 2, 2007
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Way to go Wanda, as for a difference in tones, our machine doesn't make one, so you have to dig everything.


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May 1, 2011
Mumszie, I'm following you, looks like you did very well. When I don't have a Lee Child book to read I like to read your posts. Very entertaining

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