Conspiracy Hawks needed....Odyssey vs. The Clinton Foundation


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Oct 20, 2005
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I don't know about all of you guys, and I hate to interject something that may push political buttons,
but I am very disturbed by the lack of attention being paid to the Clinton Foundation shenanigans.

I just finished reading an article (Clinton foundation's Sweden fundraising arm cashed in as Stockholm lobbied Hillary on sanctions - Washington Times) by David Sirota, and penned the following email which I will share on TN.

I hope there might be some investigative types here that may help shed some light on this possible "crime".
If so, maybe someone at Odyssey might be interested. Here it is...


I am curious to know if Spain donated to the foundation, presumably on Bill’s side since it was
not incorporated in the US and hasn’t disclosed it’s donors to my knowledge.

The reason I ask is that the Wikipedia/state dept. emails showed a statement by Hillary that
she was willing to assist Spain in the Odyssey/Mercedes case, apparently for no good reason.

Why would a US gov't employee take sides in a case like that, especially one against a publicly held

US corporation which had invested millions in the search and recovery.

I suspect that there is some money to be followed here, perhaps even to the men in robes that
made that incredible decision to award Spain 100% of the finds plus legal fees, and also charge
Odyssey over $800,000 in “contempt” finds for attempting to hide the identity of the salvaged

There might be another story here. I hope you can find the truth. As a long-time taxpayer,
I find the whole Clinton thing very distasteful, and am even more bothered by the media’s

apparent lack of interest.

Bob R*****

San Diego

If I get any response, and if this thread survives, I will post it here.


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Jan 27, 2009
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As this article is from the political section of the Washington times it really borders on our rules if it goes political.But you know that.....

I did see the other day where Odyssey has posted a loss for the last ten years but stock was up a few cents due it its recent possible discovery. That might be a better topic to pursue.

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