Curious what detector you guys would use for the beach?

CA Gold Hunter

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Nov 14, 2014
Northern California
Detector(s) used
White's TDI SL, Fors Gold+, Gold Monster 1000, 36" Bazooka Prospector, 30" Bazooka Sniper.
Primary Interest:
I live in northern ca and got into detecting years ago but haven't had time to stay in the hobby with young kids. When I got into it, I was mainly into lookin for gold. I bought my oldest a go-find 66 and we're heading to Santa Cruz for vacation and he wants to bring it out. I have a whites tdi sl, nokta fors gold+ and a gold monster 1000. My son really wants to go out detecting and I was wondering which 2 out of the three you guys choose for beach detecting? My other son doesn't have a detector but I want him to have one too, he's only 8 and would just love to still try.

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