Dirty Deeds! Worst Trick You Played on Detecting Partner

Terry Soloman

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May 28, 2010
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Jan 13, 2017
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Back in the old days, we used to put a brass BB, or a dime, inside the coil cover of the new "greenhorn." Then of course planting the once in a lifetime "Gold" coin.

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Several years back I had cleaned my coins for the year and had about two hundred rotted zinc pennies separated from the good coins. I put them in a cool whip container and took them to my favorite park. I buried them under a pine tree and all but forgot about them. Last year a fellow came up to me at this same park and told me about finding a hoard of coins. He told me they were scattered in a 10 foot by 10 foot area. I did not have the heart to tell him the truth. I have another container ready to "plant" and have several spots in mind where I have seen recent digging activity.

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Feb 20, 2013
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Hopefully we are back to the OP’s intended use of this thread!
Several years ago I was given what we thought was a cannonball by my brother in law when I went back to Kentucky on vacation. I immediately took a pic holding it and sent to my old hunting partner and said “ Well, you told me to get out and detect on this trip!”. It wasn’t long before he started texting everyone we knew here on the forum and showing the pic. I had to put the brakes on that one quickly because I knew it would be posted/shown here on the forum soon! Kind of backfired on me😂

Turns out the “ cannonball “ was a ball used by cement trucks to break up old dried cement and clean the barrels of their trucks😒


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Nov 22, 2012
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I never did any of that. I did send a rubber snake to my dentist cousin to help with office morale the other day. There was a live one in the shed. Does that count?


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Feb 10, 2022
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I got 2 stories in this vein.
Was out with this guy looking for gold at a place he took me. I found a few sub gram bits and would yell out "hey mate got a bit" each time.
Suddenly he yells out whooping and yahooing "i got a beauty, its a beauty, look at this ripper nugget" he says holding it up. As im walking towards him to check it out im all "oh good stuff mate, awesome!"
Just as im about there I see his mood change and hear swearing.
I ask whats wrong, he says "I put this *"##@! thing here two years ago, I forgot about the bleep bleep thing!"
😅😅😅 He'd made a fake nugget that looked like a 5 oz bit out of lead and painted it gold. 😅 To make it worse on one side he had scratched the word SUCKER! 😅
And this...
Im at a reef years ago when fit and I had walked into the place. I had a back pack with water, some food and a hammer in case of species that needed reducing in size to carry out.
I got a big signal from a lump of rough quartz about the size of a basketball, heavy. Im thinking "oh yeah" so go for my rock hammer, but id left it in the car. Just great, a heavy jagged quartz lump I gotta carry out.
Into the back pack it goes. I get back to the car and by now its torn a few holes in the pack, no biggy, should be plenty in this im thinking.
I take it home and out back with a bigger hammer hit into it.
Soon it splits, then im greeted with the sight of a lump of lead jammed into a crack that was there when I found it. Im fuming!
Then the penny drops.
In that area two guys were detecting months earlier and working the line of reef. South to North. They though were leaving behind fake finds for those coming after them. I knew who they were.
So id decided to repay their jokes by placing a big bit of lead hammered into a crevice of a big bit if quartz with a screw driver and hammer on the next reef on the line up from them. They obviously didn't detect it.
Ages later I did 😕 and forgot id done it. 😖
Lesson learnt. 😆

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