Does anyone know anything about ring hallmarks?


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Dec 29, 2016
Savannah, GA
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Dug this ring yesterday at a site in Savannah, GA that dates back to the 19th century. So there is literally everything there from colonial/rev war to civil war to modern trash at this site. I believe that this ring could be period (mid 19th century) or older and is silver. Not sure the composition of silver? All of the silver coming out of this site looks like brass or copper at first- has downtown crud all over and ugly. Anyway I can make out the hallmark but I am not familiar with jewelry hallmarks. Does anyone recognize this hallmark?

ImageUploadedByTreasureNet.com1558220765.283963.jpg ImageUploadedByTreasureNet.com1558220782.237716.jpg ImageUploadedByTreasureNet.com1558220794.236052.jpg ImageUploadedByTreasureNet.com1558220805.687740.jpg ImageUploadedByTreasureNet.com1558220820.158840.jpg ImageUploadedByTreasureNet.com1558220832.837958.jpg ImageUploadedByTreasureNet.com1558220843.690947.jpg ImageUploadedByTreasureNet.com1558220856.129630.jpg ImageUploadedByTreasureNet.com1558220870.497752.jpg ImageUploadedByTreasureNet.com1558220880.128601.jpg ImageUploadedByTreasureNet.com1558220889.766686.jpg ImageUploadedByTreasureNet.com1558220905.420385.jpg ImageUploadedByTreasureNet.com1558220917.704826.jpg ImageUploadedByTreasureNet.com1558220926.935741.jpg


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Dec 23, 2019
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Old thread but @Bharpring is still around.

Those are Egyptian hallmarks. Notoriously difficult to read but, as far as I can tell, it's a Cairo mark for .900 fine. I can't read the date mark but, since it's in Arabic, I think it will be after 1940. There should be a third mark for 'silver' as a cat facing left up until 1946, or a papyrus flower (often improperly called a lotus blossom) after that; but it wasn't mandatory on small items or those with a limited area where marks could be applied, so the third mark is often missing.
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