Easement/Parking Meters


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Jul 18, 2011
Austin, Texas
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Fisher 1266-X, Bounty Hunter 101
Well, I took a break from my regular spots as of late - mostly tot lots and schools - and went back to another of my better-producing spots, easements near downtown with parking meters...

Spent about 2 hours, and found over $5, all clad... in some instances there were more targets than I could even easily retrieve - my 8" coil was hitting multiple targets at once (gotta get a sniper coil one of these days)...

Most of these easements are very old, and once I get the 1266-X out of hock (and the ground softens up a bit), I'm gonna hit these hard... I know there's some old silver in these easements, as I have found Barber stuff there before... There's a ton of trash in these easements, but the more trash, the more stuff, as I've learned over the years - just gotta be persistent... There's a Seated coin in one of these, I just know it (haven't found a Seated coin yet in over 25 years)...

Anyway, will keep y'all updated...
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May 22, 2009
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minelab equinox 600
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sounds like a great spot-keep us informed on what u find-HH to ya!


Jun 20, 2011
Middle Georgia
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Another good spot to find coins are newspaper boxes if there is grass or flowers around it. While working at a newspaper in Macon Georgia, we had a water line break. I called in a plumber to dig the line up and repair. We had several newspaper boxes sitting on the edge of a flower bed. They had to dig up the water line which was routed by the boxes. The two guys doing the digging had a ball finding quarters. They must have found 8 or 10 dollars in quarters.

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