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Mar 20, 2022
Barre, MA
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Sovereign GT

I've been hunting this fairgrounds that dates back to the mid 1850's. The ground is full of iron and there is only 4" of loam before you hit serious gravel.
I usually hunt in multi and go to 4Khz for verification. I've had ok success using the NOX in this fashion.

Today I went all metal mode with an audible threshold.
Wow what a difference. I can hear all the iron hits, maybe 6 in a 5' sweep, and the higher tones just ring out loud.
Since I'm in heavy iron and can hear it, I adjust my swing speed slower in this trash.
When I'm in multi discriminate mode, I notice when I hear those high tones I have already passed the target by a couple of feet.
I all metal, I'm only passing then by 6" when I hear the high tone.

Also, in all metal mode I know how trashy the ground is. In discriminate mode I don't have a clue as the detector blanks on many signals..

I'm going to use the AM mode some more and see where it takes me.
Any Equinox users using the all mode?


Dec 16, 2018
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Equinox 800, Equinox 600, Previous detectors were the Garrett AT series
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All Treasure Hunting
I run the equinox in all metal mode, park 2, recovery=4, FE=0, sensitivity= 20 or 21. I just turn down the iron sound to level 3. Can still hear the iron but not overwhelming. Since I live in Canada this is the only way to find our new coins, but also allows you to adjust your recovery speed to the amount of trash that you are in.

I find this is ok in open ground, easy to change the recovery to 6 or even 7 in infested ground. Adding a whole bunch of discrimination takes away from depth, but sometimes the ground and trash will dictate those changes.

Happy hunting!

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