F75 SE bent shaft

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Apr 15, 2010
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Fisher F75 SE, Whites PI Pro, Ace 250, Pro Pointer
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All Treasure Hunting
My F75 SE lower shaft is not in line with the upper part of the detector. Sighting down the upper part of the shaft the coil looks to be about six inches or so off center to the right. Is this done on purpose, or is the connection between the two shafts cock-eyed. It probably doesn't effect the way the detector works, just seems odd to me that a $1200 detector is not better aligned.

DeArmitt Pa

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Jun 7, 2009
Johnstown, Pa
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E-Trac, F75 LTD
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Relic Hunting
Make it as short as possible and look again, if its still off it is possible that the lock could be damaged but Fisher is pretty good with thier product quality. The other thing to check would be you may have actually put the coil on the shaft upside down, usually it doesnt matter but sometimes it does. Hope I could be of some help.

John DeArmitt
Fort Bedford Metal Detectors

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