Fairy Folk, Gnomes, or Leprechaun Experiences Detecting

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Jul 4, 2012
Holmes County Ohio
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A couple years ago, someone posted a link to a youtube channel here, where a man was claiming to have seen some.
He didn't seem like a nut, he had trail cameras posted, and was spending a lot of time in the woods, trying to capture one on film.
Most anything is possible.
That link is here somewhere, I can't remember what he was called.

Zakon Krzyżacki

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May 25, 2022
So a little over two years ago, my wife and I decided to buy my parents cottage and move here.
Last October, on the anniversary of my Dad passing away, I decided to try and find a set of keys he lost up here one year while up for deer hunting season.
Keys dropped in snow vanish like a fart in the wind!

Anyways, a bit of back story.
When I was a kid, I bought a small concrete Garden Gnome for pop's birthday.
Dad loved those Gnomes!
So when my parents bought this place decades ago, Dad planted an apple tree for mom and that particular Gnome became guardian of the tree.

Fast forward to last October.
I prefer to use my detectors at night.
I only have and use old analog detectors.
Those old detectors are affected by the UV radiation from our Star and work better at night.
It was rather dark at around 10 pm.
I got my gear and put my headlight on and went out the door.
The apple tree is right by the door so the familiar Gnome greeted me with his blank stare. I headed down by dad's old deer blind and started detecting.
After finding about twenty spent .44 casings, I got the sixth sense feeling of being watched.
I've always trusted my instincts and my situational awareness, and they were screaming at me!
I turned on my headlight, which is a super bright LED.
I looked around and just couldn't see the source of what was making the hair on the back of my neck stand up!
Then in a silly moment of childhood stupidity cursed myself for being a doofus and went to turn around and my foot kicked something that wasn't there a minute ago.
I looked down..
Dad's Gnome was standing there in his typical defiant stance staring at me!
I nearly jumped out of my skin!

One of two things must have happened.
Either some smooth operator snuck up on me just to put the Gnome there, or the little bugger possessed by Dad's spirit followed me down there himself!

Miss you Pops!
This is the Guardian Gnome of the apple tree.

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