First 20 Hours with the Legend


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Oct 25, 2020
Reno Nevada in the summer, Las Vegas in the winter
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Garrett ACE 400, Nokta Simplex+, Nokta Legend
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All Treasure Hunting
First off, I love the Simplex+ so I really want to see if swinging the Legend is comparatively better. For that comparison, I spent the first 20 hours hunting a few small parks and an old yard permission where I could no longer find anything with the Simplex, Ace 400 and a friends machine (which I won't bother naming). Aside from a few recent drops, I've dug about $30 in deep clad, 1 deep silver rosie, a deep silver ring and crucifix, and a plethora of cool deep relics from the yard with the Legend. Impressive.

The tones and VDI are vastly different from the Simplex and are taking quite awhile to get used to, but, unless I'm wanting to, I'm digging NO iron whatsoever! This thing knows iron. The most troubling thing is the VDI. It has a very different number for the exact same item at different depths, as well as very different numbers for the same items at the same depths. The most consistent VDI seems to be for nickels, which seems strange to me, but they are a 26 every time and at any depth. Pulltabs are very consistent from 28-32, which is a far narrower range than with the Simplex. Pennies are all over the place, dimes usually around 46 and quarters usually 51-55.

I haven't put it over gold yet, at least not that I'm aware of, so it remains to be seen how that's going to come up. I'll be heading back down to my silver coin honey-hole along the Colorado soon and I'm hoping I get the same kind of results I got with park clad there.

The most surprising hunt was an hour at an old trash dump site next to the railroad tracks near my house. This place is thick with cans, R/R spikes, nails and every other kind of iron trash. The Legend does a great job of keeping relatively quiet in that environment. I can only last about 10 minutes there with the Simplex or Ace 400 before my brain is overloaded. I think that's going to open up new doors for me in the Sierras once the snow is gone.

The coolest thing to me is the Bluetooth. I can use whatever headphones or earbuds I want. Earbuds allows wearing a brim hat, which is going to be a game changer when it starts getting really hot. Keep in mind to use Low Latency headphones or earbuds or the sound delay will blow your mind!

I'll revisit this post if I notice anything else noteworthy going forward.

Happy hunting all!
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