First hunt of the (my) season.


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Jan 4, 2018
Detector(s) used
Have used a Bounty hunter "Lone Star," Tesoro "Cibola." I now use an XP Deus.
MI6 pinpointer
Lesche digging tool
Predator piranha shovel
Primary Interest:
Relic Hunting
Found these a couple days ago. The Abstinence coin has the Serenity prayer on the reverse. The penny is a 1916 s. The bullet is civil war, approx. 30 - 36 cal. The coolest thing I've found in a while, is the take and put game piece! From my quick research, these were popular in the 20s and 30s. The ground I hunt was a homestead, civil war battle field, and a boys school from 1906 up till the late 60s. I find quite an eclectic range of items!
Thanks for the look!


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