First successful ring return and some clad at country swimming hole


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Aug 26, 2017
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Garrett AT PRO, Garrett Ultra GTA 500, Equinox 600
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Had my first successful ring return last night. After work I took my detector and sand scoop to a swimming area next to a bridge outside of town. Was there 20 min and a young guy came running up and asked if my detector was waterproof, I said sure is. He said he lost his wedding ring in the swimming hole 2 nights ago and the were back looking for it with swim goggles. Gave me a detailed description of the ring and a general area. Took me 20 min, it rang up 16 on the equinox and was in 4 feet of water mixed in with some leaves. His wife was so excited.

Other than that I scored $1 in clad and and emperor chuck e cheesicus the 1st token.

Was a good evening. Sorry no pics I left my phone in the car which was a ways away.
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Jun 15, 2008
York County, PA (USA)
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Had my first successful ring return last night...
OUT·STAND·ING! Thanks for sharing...

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