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David Bieber

Jan 9, 2019
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Klein 401 Sidescan System. My dad, Alan Bieber, and I used to have a hydrographic survey business, Bieber Associates. I have been out of the business for about 25 years, but when my dad passed away I inherited what equipment he had left over, including a Klein 401 Sidescan sonar system with two 100-Khz fish and a 500-Khz fish that needs rebuilding. The system operates on 12-volt DC or 120-volt AC power. The system has been modified/upgraded as follows:

• Wave scale line correction on T001
• High frequency oscillation on T008
• Noise pickup on T009
• Towfish triggering on T011
• Print intensity (print amp boards) on T012
• Triggering on T021
• Neon bulb high voltage monitor on T030
• Ten turn pots on TO45
• Recorder towfish connector changed to newer 14-pin version
• Tow cables are set up for three channels and the third channel comes out to a BNC connector on the recorder so an additional sensor can be towed with the sonar fish.

The system includes 100-meter and a 50-meter cables plus extra unterminated cable. The system has not been used for about 15 years and the six rolls of recorder paper I have are dried out, but I believe could be re-moistened and used. The system includes a complete set of spare circuit boards, plus some, and many other spares. It also includes training and technical manuals. There is information out there on how to convert these systems from an analog to a digital output in order to use digital recording media.

I had this listed in the "For Sale" section here (, and there are pictures with that add. The system is located just outside of Denver, Colorado and everything together weighs about 1,000 pounds. I hate to scrap this system, so it is free if somebody wants to come pick it up, or pay actual shipping costs. I have a quote for shipping to either coast for about $700.00. My only request would be that if you profit from the system, you donate 10% of the profit up to $1,000 to the Alan Bieber Memorial Equipment Fund at Necrosearch International (NecroSearch International, Inc.).

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