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Jun 1, 2010
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Today I went to Venice Beach. I got a late start and still got there by 11am. The beach doesn't look anything like it did all summer. No life guard stations and they have built a berm that has to be at least 20 feet high. Both sides of the pier have these berms. The low tide today was 3:30 pm.I started to grid on the north side of the pier. Working from the dry sand til I got to ankle deep. The tide was starting to go out. I managed a little over $4.00 in clad one foreign coin from Czech ( not even going to try and spell it) a costume toe ring and a stainless steel ring that really looked nice. I looked up, as I was walking out of the water, to see a film crew walking out onto the beach. You could see the grid marks I made as I drug my scoop on each return trip. They were kind of close to the pier and still setting up their gear. I got closer to them and keeping my head down I watched as a guy pitched some coins out in front of me.I never let on that I knew and just picked them up. Never said a word. Made another trip down to the water and when I turned around, they were playing frisby right in front of me. I'm an old stubborn guy and just walked through them. They moved. I made 3 more trips and as I was walking back up, a lady from the crew came up to me and ask if I could go somewhere else because they wanted to shoot where I was detecting. I looked at her and said Ya know I'm doing pretty good and I showed her the stainless steel ring. I didn't know at the time that the ring was stainless steel. Without blinking an eye she ask " If I gave you this gift certificate for $20 would you move?" I replied "so you want me to take the gift certificate and take a hike right? Yes was her answer. Before I took it I ask what time it was. She said 3PM. OMG I said as I took the money I gotta go home now.....I looked over my shoulder as I left the beach and she was shaking her head as she walked back. So basically I had a $24 day lol. HH GFP
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Aug 16, 2013
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I would have said "Maybe you should of gotten up earlier!":laughing7:
Throwing coins in front you??? What a bunch of self absorbed losers!

You handled it way better than I would have!


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Nov 5, 2007
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should have told her, "I'd have stopped detecting about an hour ago but one of your crew is making so much money, he's been throwing it in front of me".

As RG said, "a bunch of self absorbed losers".


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Dec 1, 2007
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It would have been hard for me not to pick the coins back up and throw them at him! Losers!


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Aug 17, 2014
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You definitely handled that well. Especially, the ending!


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Nov 25, 2006
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Why get irate over it, I have had many occasions where people sitting in their beach chairs would toss coins out in front of me to see if I would find them. Each and every time, I pick them up, smile and ask them to toss more.


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Nov 10, 2010
North Carolina
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Stubborn old men get $20 gift certificates!!!!! and your detector didn't have to find it :hello2:

so funny and wild that story!

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