Garrett ATX hits first hot rock on video

A side note: the title of your post caused YouTube to show a whole bunch of Rock Music video options after your video ended.

Interesting reaction as at first I believe it indicated it was a good target but the iron test said it was not. Ah to be able to send a whole bunch of different hot rocks to you for testing. Thank you again for all your work and sharing.........................63bkpkr

All your testing is making me itch, to be out there that is and maybe just maybe to make a purchase.

nice video mate good hot rock, plenty of them around....

Thanks for the tip on the YouTube search options @[FONT=Tahoma, Calibri, Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif]63bkprk.
Yea H2Charlie, shes pretty deep. Dug a 20" hole today, took me half hour to get down to the old rusty steel that was down there. Old miners stuff. Just a maybe 3"x4" piece of crap. It was sweet soft tone on top of the surface, thought it was a tiny piece o something...but noooooo, more crap, Lol.

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