Gnarly Relics on a Swamp Hunt

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Dec 17, 2020
Southern States of America
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Got out late last evening for a fort relic hunt. One of the yards I?ve been hitting runs down into a very wet swampy area. I decided to douse myself with mosquito spray and give the ole swamp a try. I managed to pull two gnarly artillery cuff buttons. One is a 2 piecer and the other is a one piecer. The two piecer does have a decent back side and is intact. The back mark is visible with a Robinsons Jones and co. I also found several musket balls including one which has a slice taken from it. I?ve found several of that type over the years and while some were made as fishing sinkers some had intentional cuts made into them so when it hits its target, the lead would have greater expansion.
I found a piece of spilled lead near the musket balls and a suspenders holder. I don?t believe it?s period because the ones I?ve found previously have all been brass.
Thanks for looking and happy hunting! 9A37DA87-31C2-4938-9411-BD0B6BA7F0DB.png 154949E8-DBB3-4324-B064-5DA8938A51EB.png C175A508-1355-4538-AA4C-62157F558803.png D751321C-6F4C-4D2C-AC0E-7D667EBD3035.jpeg 2DBEF291-0DD6-4952-B682-60C8A0665C65.jpeg 2DE798E0-ABA2-41D0-90A6-8D8C36A868FD.jpeg
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