good deal on this White's DFX?


Jul 26, 2021
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Hello folks, newbie here. Lost an expensive arrow and buying a used detector-- always "Wanted" one anyway, so looking for one that can do most anything. . .

Found this Whites DFX, 2007 version with an extra 12" coil, looks like new on Craig's List

Sounds like a really good deal.
Should I dicker or jump on it?!



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Nov 12, 2016
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All Treasure Hunting
Having owned one, i'd pass, unless it was basically free or near free.

Not that it wasn't a great detector for its time, but a $254.00 Nokta Simplex has more advantages in many ways.: Faster recovery, wireless headphones, rechargeable battery, waterproof, lighter, less expensive, warranty, etc..

Plus with Whites being out of business, you'll be hard pressed for any repairs on it or parts...

If you wanted to pony up an extra 50, you could get into a Minelab Vanquish 540 which many are saying is phenomenal bang for the buck!
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