Heads up on charging external battery pack


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Feb 11, 2012
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Having looked back through the threads on the Legend I've seen people ask about charging this battery pack and it seems like no one had or got a clear answer.
I had myself thought I was using my 1 amp charging adaptor but in fact had laid the one I was using on top of one of my batteries for my drill the night I was attempting to charge the one I had to get replaced, so in fact I was using my 5V 2A.
After five hours I unplugged the battery from the charger because I thought there was something up there, when I plugged that battery back in the charger indicated it was fully charged though I doubt it was.
There's nothing in the manual that indicates how long it takes to charge the external battery on a 5V 2A adaptor.
It took close to 7 hours for me to charge it on my 5V 2.4A adaptor, so if you've ordered a Legend I would advise putting the external battery on charge before even putting the detector together as it is going to take a while to get it fully charged.
The charger will flash from red to green and once fully charged it will go full green.


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Nov 27, 2017
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I have never had occasion to time my recharges. I recently recharged my external battery only because it's been sitting so long unused. I just let it sit over night on the charger. I'll hook it up and try to run it down and see how long it takes. Of course that only works if the unit automatically witches to the external power when it is brought online. I'm including photos of the power source adapters I use. The Samsung unit I use on the external. The unit from Ailkin I use to charge the detector and headphones together at the same time. The Ailkin is described as shuts off automatically when units are fully charged so I just make sure to hook them up the night before using. 20230531_222319.jpg 20230531_224254.jpg 20230531_224347.jpg

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