🔎 UNIDENTIFIED How old is this misspelled Canning Jar Lid?? Consolidated fruit Jar Company NY


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Jun 13, 2016
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HI all!
So at first I thought the lid liner said "Consolidated Fruit Jar Company " which would make sense. If you look closer at the picture with the arrow, it actually says "Conslidated" because they forgot the O.
  • Inside Liner: Reads "Conslidated Fruit Jar Company New York" , with the CFJCo. monogram in the middle (hard to take a picture of it since it looks double stamped) and the number " 1 " on the other side.
  • Metal Lid: Worn away but I can see around the middle circle it says "Trade" and underneath at the bottom of the middle circle it says "Mark".
I know that the consolidated fruit jar company made lids until around 1907, and that they registered the monogram (CFJCo.) in 1878, but have been using it since 1870. Im thinking this dates back to about 1880's to the 1890's because of the color, monogram, and the fact that it does not say "Masons fruit Jar" which was registered toward the end of the 1890's. Please let me know what you think.

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Apr 24, 2010
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Based how crudely your example was made in the pressing and on the colour of the glass, I'd say you're bang on with your date range of c1880 - 1900. I'm also thinking that it's earlier as opposed to later in the date range. :thumbsup:

Nice find,
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